About Us


Who doesn't want to leave their job to follow a dream? The truth is though, the ability to even consider leaving a job to pursue one's passions is a privilege not everyone can afford. But sometimes the universe decides to make that decision for you! After 18+ years in the corporate world, I found myself the casualty of a company-wide downsizing, and after just a couple weeks of contemplating the next move for my career, I decided that I did not want to give a huge part of my time to a job that I did not love. So, with the support of my wife (Julie), I decided it was time to pursue my dream of opening a barbeque restaurant.

A door had closed, and instead of trying to open the same door again, we decided to create our own door. One that would allow me to do what I love doing, and that would be meaningful to the whole family. And this was the beginning of “Two Sons Barbeque.”

With Two Sons’, a special rub and an indoor wood smoker is used to add the unique wood smoke flavor to the cut of meat. Nothing is adding to the meat once it has been smoked. The only sauce/spices added after the smoking process, is done so by the consumer.

We hope you enjoy!

Best regards - Sean & Julie Towson